The Effect of Largely Unregulated Plastic Surgery& Other Cosmetic Surgery Operations to the Australian Beauty Industry

Plastic Surgery - Hyperhidrosis Treatment Melbourne

According to Choice, an Australian consumer advocacy group, Australians are now spending more on cosmetic procedures per capita compared to Americans. With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery in the Australian beauty industry, it is alarming that it continues to be less regulated than other medical or surgical fields.

Today, many illegitimate surgeons and medical facilities continue to provide unprofessional services and get away with plastic surgery that’s not guaranteed to be of high quality. Even if it’s just as simple as an Hyperhidrosis treatment Melbourne, quality must always be preserved, because life-threatening complications may still arise from simple procedures when they are performed by unprofessional, inexperienced doctors or performed in an ill-equipped medical facility. The end goal must always be for the protection of the patients.

Still, many Australian are flocking to this new trend because it offers the opportunity to achieve beauty instantly. One way to avoid from becoming one of the victims by these shady companies is to learn everything you need to know about the procedures before lining up to take part in one of them.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery in Australia

Aussie RealSelf concluded in their study on plastic surgery that throughout Australia breast augmentation is the most sought-after procedure. This is followed by rhinoplasty, and tummy tuck rounds up the top three.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to enhance the size, shape and fullness of a woman’s breasts. The surgical doctor will place breast implants into the chest of the woman to obtain the desired form and size. These implants may be silicone, saline, moderate, mid-range, or high profile.

This very popular plastic surgery procedure comes with many possible complications. Infection is possible to happen if undetected bacteria or mould from the implant are transferred to the body after the operation.

There are also many risks from improper surgical operation. They range from scarring of the breast tissue, misshapen and/or hardened breasts, chronic breast pain, to the more severe forms like breakage and leakage of the implant, disfigurement, metal poisoning due to the transfer of metals from silicone to the body, and lastly, death.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that will reshape the nose. It is not only done for cosmetic purposes—to change the shape, size, and angle of the nose so it becomes proportionately better with the face—it can also be performed to correct medical problems such as chronic congestion or breathing problems caused by nasal septum deviation.

The operation involves performing an incision inside the nose so that the bones and cartilage that support it can easily be accessed. Depending on the requirement, tissue may be added (either from a donor site from the body or using synthetic fillers) to enlarge the size of the nose, or some of the bone or cartilage may be removed to decrease it. After that, the skin and tissue on the nose are re-draped and a splint is placed outside the nose in order to support it while it heals.

The risks of rhinoplasty includes infection, bleeding, injury to the nasal septum, more serious nasal blockage due to swelling, skin problems due to tissue breakdown of the nose or caused by irritation from the bandage, and complications brought about by anaesthesia.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the removal of fat and skin on the tummy so that a smoother and firmer abdominal profile can be achieved. It can be done in two ways: complete or partial abdominoplasty.

Depending on which procedure will be performed and on the desired results, this plastic surgery method will need 1 to 5 hours to complete. The patient may also be required to stay in the hospital overnight. General anaesthesia will be given to put the patient to sleep during the whole operation.

In complete abdominoplasty, the surgeon will cut the skin and the underlying tissue from hipbone to hipbone, as low as around the level of the pubic hair. Then the surgeon will manipulate the cut skin, along with its muscles and other tissue components, to achieve the desired result. Drainage tubes may be required after the procedure and will only be removed a few days later.

Partial or mini-abdominoplasty, on the other hand, is performed with shorter incisions for patients with fat deposits that are located below the navel. The procedure can even be done using an endoscope and may only take 1 to 2 hours, depending on the desired results.

Complications from abdominoplasty may range from pain and swelling, bruising, or numbness, to the more serious risks such as infection, complications from anaesthesia, or excessive bleeding underneath the skin flap.

What Proper Regulation Means to the Business Sector

The aim of cosmetic surgery is to offer people with the chance to look good instantly, and they need to be guaranteed of high quality care so that patronage can continue to boom. Surgical doctors and the medical facilities that offer these delicate services must be well-versed on these risks and complications, and they must also be well-experienced on ways to avoid them because these are life-changing situations. In short, companies and surgical doctors should do everything it takes to minimise the risks and complications of this delicate industry and they must aspire to provide the ideal results that they promise to their patients.

If the complications from improper implementation of rigid compliance by the surgical doctor or medical facility continue to escalate, while the industry also continues to be unregulated, then that would signal the start of thedemise of the billion-dollar Australian cosmetics industry.

Hence, proper implementation on rigid regulation of cosmetics surgery must be pushed forward to protect both patient and legitimate businesses so that this industry can continue to flourish, and significant contributions to a robust Australian economy can be made.

Counteract the Result of Economics and its Effect on Your Business with an Excellent Business Succession Plan

business and economics - Craig West

The ever-changing nature of economics and its effect on business is highly unpredictable. Today you may be in demand but tomorrow you may find yourself struggling to stay afloat. This is the primary reason why you need to come prepared with safety nets for your business.

These safety nets should not only catch you on a temporary basis- keep you stable only during a current rough time- but most importantly keep you afloat and steady in the coming future. This is crucial if you want to keep your business from being totally annihilated from the industry you belong. This is basically what business succession planning strategies will provide.

What is Succession Planning?

Generally, succession planning is the process of looking for and developing the future leaders who may take over the key positions in your company. This also includes preparing people to fill in other critical positions for a short or long period of time.If you think you don’t need succession planning because you belong to the small or medium-sized companies (SMEs), then you are wrong. The smaller your business, the more dependent you should be on succession planning.

Besides preparing key people for a future takeover, business succession is also a proactive undertaking to prepare the company for emergency situations. It promotes the development of your company’s talent pool which will help avoid the wastage of funds from the company that might be needlessly spent for a recruitment process. In addition, it also takes into consideration the financial situation of the company and how it can prepare for the coming future.

Effects of Economic Fluctuation &Succession Planning

Planning for the future is a responsibility that you must embrace. It is your responsibility to prepare your business for another set of leaders once you decide to exit your business. Once this happens, your valued clients must understand what is in store for your business in the future.

With regard to economics and its effect on business, business succession can also help in unexpected slumps in the economy because it can also cover emergency funds for when the need arises. Without a sensible succession plan during your unplanned exit or unexpected recession in economy, you risk losing both your employees and valued clients, shattering years-long of carefully nurtured good relationships with them.

Succession Planning By Yourself

Now that you have learned about business succession, you may be thinking that you are capable of doing it yourself. You may think of starting to create your plan because you’re the best person for it since you know the business first-hand.


Even if you consider yourself unquestionably capable of laying out your own business succession planning strategies, that is not a smart move. Why? Because you are not impartial and objective in gauging your company’s present situation.

You need someone who can objectively see the financial situation of your company from a viewpoint that you may never be able to duplicate. You need someone who is a real expert on this field and with years of experience on formulating successful planning strategies like Craig West and his team at Succession Plus.

Benefits of Succession Plus

The benefits of hiring the services from Succession Plus lie in the company’s CEO and strategic accountant, Craig West. With over 20 years’ of experience inadvising business owners and helping them manage the key strategic issues they face as they continue to grow, he has expertise on the following fundamental areas of business: Raising the company’s capital, Building the company’s equity, Protecting this equity, and Extracting the value of what has been built once you, as the owner, exit your company.

He has devoted 6 years in order to earn two Master’s Degrees related to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). As CPA in public practice, he also brings in over 15 years of experience in advising different businesses in areas of management, accounting, and taxation.His other accomplishments include the following:

  • He is an accredited advisor with Family Business Australia
  • He is a member of FBA’s NSW Advisors committee
  • He is a founding member of Thought Leaders
  • He has conducted various seminars throughout Australia for:
    • CPA Australia,
    • Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources,
    • LJ Hooker,
    • MLC,
    • NSW Chamber of Commerce, and
    • NSW Department of State and Regional Development
    • He has written three critically acclaimed books on asset protection, employee incentives, and succession planning

No Need to Look Further For Answers

It is futile to look for someone else with an equally high calibre in background and experience as Craig West. He is 1 of only 11 people to be deemed a Certified Exit Planning Advisor in all of Australia. His reputation and track record speaks for himself.

His vast experience in a wide range of industries puts him on top of business succession experts. You can be sure he can come up with customised solutions that will perfectly fit in with your business needs because you know he had already come across similar situations as yours in the past.

You Owe Your Business Only the Best

After years of hard work and dedication, you owe it to yourself to keep your business afloat no matter what. You can’t just let any economic slump trample your dreams of making it big in your business. You owe your business the best safety net to catch you during troubled times. Give it only the best business succession planning strategies and you can only get that from Craig West and his team of experts at Succession Plus.

Why You Need Google Penalty Recovery in Your Asian Outsourcing Industry

google penalties recovery

If you are in the Asian outsourcing industry you may have heard about Google Penalty Recovery. But like many other people, you probably didn’t think about its relevance in your business. Yes, you may have noticed your website ranking take a sudden dip yet you were following the same strategy as before. Or maybe you thought that it was norm in this highly competitive industry. However, are you aware that the lower rankings may be as a result of a penalty from Google?

Why Would Google Penalize You?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) just like other trades has become more online-based. You rely on your website to attract new customers to work with and this is why you make it your business to maintain a quality and effective website. Unknown to you, you may have contravened some guidelines set by Google which caused them to penalize your site. This may be because you spammed your website with keywords, used bad backlinks, low-quality content and more. In such incidences you will see your website take a nosedive or even being taken off the search engine.

How Does The Penalty Affect Your Business?

Google use several methods to check whether sites listed on their search engines are conforming to their laid down guidelines and regulations. The first method is a manual check by their employees which aims at weeding any spammy content. The next technique is through use of algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. As any SEO expert or webmaster will tell you, the penalties have negative effects on the Asian outsourcing industry. Your website drops in rankings, you lose credibility, you risk being banned, and your sales and revenue decline because of low traffic.

What Can You Do About It?

Many people don’t research to find out if a Google penalty is behind the low ranking of their.

BPO websites. Others simply do nothing and wait for things to change. However, did you know you can recover from the penalties? All you need is to seek penalty recovery services from a reputable company. A good company will first begin by confirming if a penalty is behind the problems. The next step is confirming if it is a manual or an algorithm-based penalty. Thereafter, the recovery firm will try different avenues to resolve the problem. This entails removing bad backlinks, putting fresh and unique content, removing hidden keywords and spammy text, getting rid of sneaky redirects and more.

Why Choose A Reputable Firm?

Though it may appear like an easy task, recovering from a penalty from Google isn’t easy. It requires great skills, understanding the latest algorithm, and also relying on different strategies. Your best shot in revamping and recovering is by engaging a reputable SEO firm. Such a company is experienced, professional, well-versed with the latest algorithms and will constantly monitor your website. A good company will also take lesser time to correct the faults compared to an inexperienced or unreliable firm

It is quite possible to restore or improve your website after being slapped with a penalty from Google. However, the rate and speed at which this will happen depend on several things; for instance, severity of the problem, service provider’s experience, and more. Some issues can be resolved within 72 hours while others may take longer. The best way to deal with Google Penalty Recovery is by obtaining the services of a reputable SEO firm.

Succession Planning Guide For Australian Business Owners

Succession Planning Business Owners

Australia is one of the most developed nations in the world and boasts numerous business opportunities and entrepreneurs. One of the hallmarks that distinguish sophisticated nations is the nature of their corporations and business continuity. When a company is established, it is expected to continue operating long after its founders are gone. Business continuity, exit planning, succession planning is therefore very important and a fundamental concept that all Australian business owners should be aware of.

No single company is guaranteed the stay of its personnel and you can easily lose your favorite employee to another company, resignation, retirement, illnesses and death or layoffs. Fortunately, we have professional exit planners like Craig West ASIC recognized accountant and business planner. Taking notes and insights from exit succession planers like Craig West can go a long way in helping you establish a functional exit strategy. Succession planning is simply inevitable and you must always think of an exit strategy.

Why do you need succession planning?

The benefits of having both succession and exit strategy are quite obvious and straightforward. You can lose your top leaders and employees at any given time for various reasons. When this happens, you need an immediate response and in this case, you must have a qualified candidate who will replace the lost personnel. In the modern competitive business environment, you cannot allow operations to stagnate simply because one of your top leaders resigned.

Succession planning, therefore, helps your business identify, train and develop suitable candidates who can take specific organization roles when the need arises. It does not only help you keep the company in safe hands but also offers your employees a chance to advance across the organizational ranks since you will be promoting them. It is an ongoing process that begins when you recruit new employs and does not cease as long as the business is running.

What is an exit strategy?

Close to succession planning is exit strategy which deals with long-term business continuity. It is important to plan how the company will be run and managed when you stop being the ultimate decision maker. Consider companies like Ford that have been in operations for many generations. The founders and their successors are long dead but the company is still running under top management. An exit strategy lays out the plan to hand over various decision making roles when the time comes.

Why you should consider training

Several businesses continue to struggle with succession planning and exit strategy. These businesses will often have devastating drawbacks whenever they lose top management employees. However, all the challenges can be effortlessly solved with a few insights and techniques learnt from the experts like Craig West.

There are many life coaches in the market and succession strategy books also contain valuable information that can be used to establish effective exit strategies and frameworks for identifying the right replacement candidates. It is, therefore, advisable to enroll for training lessons and read a couple of management books on the same subject.

Australian business owners have excelled tremendously over the past years and their companies continue to enjoy longevity in their market. However, they must work harder if they are to outperform American and European businesses that have led the market for many decades. It all narrows down to proper succession planning and replacement of business leaders. The bottom line is that identifying potential candidates for replacement and developing them gradually to full maturity where they can effectively take up new more challenging roles is at the core of any business success. Luckily, Craig West has outlined and addressed most of the issues that affect exit planning and business succession in his books.

Advantages Of Getting Australian Leadership Training

leadership training

There are many obstacles that prevent entrepreneurs and businesses from achieving success. According to statistics, around 50% of all business startups fail to reach their targets, which is why it is so important to find effective means of handling these obstacles. Even in sophisticated regions like Australia, businesses still struggle to obtain measurable goals that are set out during startup.

Fortunately, managers and self employed entrepreneurs can always opt for Australian leadership training from reputable gurus and life coach professionals such as Robert Kirby who has spent over 26 years helping various kinds of businesses. Nonetheless, there are many other things to consider even before looking for such training. Here is a brief look at the nature of leadership training but first, why should you even think of life coach in the first place?

Is leadership training so vital?

Many businessmen have failed for various obvious reasons that they may not be able to determine. It can be quite disturbing when you keep falling behind competitors who have no cut through advantage over you. The answer is found in the leadership skill entrepreneurs and managers use in their business operations. Whether you are the boss at your workplace or not, it is important to acknowledge that no one is automatically born with leadership skills to succeed. The techniques are rather acquired through experience and expert training.

Learning from professionals like Robert Kirby Sydney who have profound insights on how businesses operate and the life skills to put everything in order such that the set strategies are able to lead to target goals is paramount if you want to succeed. The training helps you avoid different mistakes that failing managers make and take the best solutions to the many milestones you will face in your business operations.

Selecting leadership training sessions

The life coach professionals can help you grow and scale your business to optimum productivity. They equip you with leadership skills, strategy and decision making techniques, problem solving and recovery from down-slop occurrences. However, not all so called life coaches will guarantee quality training.

With increasing demand for their services, it is easy to land less professional coaches who are only interested in the money. As aforementioned, there are many options in developed cities like Sydney and finding them should not be a daunting task. You must therefore keenly review the reputation, client opinions and testimonials, training and credentials before spending your money on training sessions. What’s more, you should identify the goals you want to achieve from training. Consider their experience and those they have helped to succeed in business.

How to go succeed using training lessons

In Australian leadership training lessons, you will be able to learn a lot about leadership skills, style and strategies. Professionals like Robert Kirby teach managers how to build charisma, intuition, clarity, vision and a transformative environment. You will need each of these at some point in your business and not everything is applied at once. Changing your leadership style is a gradual process that transforms your business towards more productivity and economy of resources together with achieving of both organizational and personnel goals and ambitions.
If you have been struggling with your business for reasons you cannot lay a hand on, then it is probably in leadership. You should consider enrolling for training sessions to help you get through the challenges and beat competition that may be less fortunate than you in various fronts that you have never thought of. Nevertheless, ensure you use reliable trainers.

Business in Australia

australian business meeting

Starting and nurturing a business is hard work. It takes a strong patient person to start and patiently grow a venture without throwing in the towel. A dose of good advice too never harmed anyone. All successful businessmen/women have gone through similar experiences.

Notable names in Australia’s Business circles

Australia has its share of successful business persons, including Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, founders of Big Commerce. The company develops e-commerce software for companies that deal in online selling. The company, which started in 2009, has grown in leaps from a chat room conversation. Presently, the company shows signs of being the biggest in its niche.

Driven by the demand for platforms that enable e-commerce, they designed a shopping cart. Every business that deals in online sales needs such. The company serves over 80,000 small businesses. In April, they partnered with China’s Alibaba, giving them an even bigger online presence.

The owners are young and innovative, though they know that they won’t be so forever. In their plan to ensure continuity of the company, Big Commerce’s founders have a strong, diverse and capable board of directors. The company also hires the best in the market.

Daniel Flynn, founder of The Thankyou Group has a range of products, one of which is hand wash. The company has a policy where its profits go directly to fund water projects in the developing world. One of the reasons why the soap was a hit for the company was the humanitarian ground. The second is definitely the superiority of the product. Other ventures of the group include bottled water, food and body care products. Part of the profit made from sale of all these goods goes into various projects in the developing world. The consumer is able to trace, using their customized app, the way these funds are utilized.

James Douglas Parker owns the Consolidated Press Holding Ltd which has a host of companies under it. He is the son of the late media owner, Kerry Parker. His investment is in the media. Most of the subsidiaries of the large parent company are in the communication industry.

The company has a net worth of over $7 billion and is one of the richest people in Australia. He is a philanthropist whose acts of kindness stretch beyond Australia.

Andrew Forrest is an investor.His major investment is in shares especially from the fourth largest iron ore produced in the world, Fortescue Metals Group. He harnessed his knowledge of shares at a stock brokerage, Kirke Securities and Jacksons where he worked after graduation. His net worth is $2.1 Billion. He is philanthropist who has used his skills and knowledge to grow his wealth. He is also a non-executive director at Fortescue Metal Group.

Andrew Forrest and his wife pledged half their wealth to charity upon their deaths.

Worth noting

Businesses are natured with patience. Success comes to those that know not how to quit. All the men and women who own or have a share in these companies started small. Young businesses men and women who listen to their counsel will one day tell their own success stories. For more further information about successful business planning visit

Airport Transfers Brisbane – Handy Tips For You

airport transfer Brisbane

Australian tourism offers you an excellent opportunity to tour the most beautiful destination in the world. Choosing to travel to the ‘land down under’ rewards you with an exciting chance to enjoy the diversity of the flora and fauna as well as the enchanting man-made attractions. Regardless of where you are traveling to, it is important to take into account the logistics of your getaway. One of the most critical aspects of this travel, without a doubt, revolves around airport hotel transfers. There are different destinations, and this will, to a large extent, determine the choice of transfer. If you are traveling to Brisbane, one of Australia’s top destination, you might want to check out reliable airport transfers Brisbane.

What you need to consider before choosing airport hotel transfers in Brisbane

At the core of using airport transfers is the need to spend as little time as you possibly can on transit. To do this effectively however, you need to plan well. Coupled with the sheer hecticity of ensuring that everything falls into place, the aspect of airport transfers becomes easy to lose in this period. One of the handy tips that can help you is to pinpoint exactly where you would like to start your adventure.

Brisbane does not have a shortage of fascinating places to visit. That is why choosing to start your research from information based on your select hotel’s website is less likely to cause you confusion. The hotel website will usually have information as far as transport between Brisbane Airport and Brisbane Airtrain (which offers railway transport from the city centre to the airport and back) is concerned. The other alternative for airport transfers is between Archerfield Airport which is nestled in the city’s southern suburbs. The latter is ideal for non-scheduled flights, and should work excellently for you if you are the spontaneous kind of traveler.

Use the airport’s website for additional details

Once you have gathered adequate information, you can then confirm this on Brisbane’s official website. The reason for this is that it gives you reliable and updated details pertaining to your travels plans. You may notice a number of differences between the information you get from the varying websites, and this is important because it places you in a better position to make a decision. Other reliable sources of information as far as airport transfers are concerned include popular travel websites as well as the ever-handy Google Maps.

Look out for the fine print once you settle on an airport transfer organization

An experienced organization is more likely to give you a seamless transfer experience, completely eliminating the stress that comes with traveling on your own. This way, you get to do the most important thing, which is enjoy your stay. The fine print includes details such as your pickup point, details of your flight and the specific time you will be picked up. Other details that you may want to keep in mind include the choice of transport, which may range from a van to a cab or even a limo if you would like to splurge on your Brisbane vacation. Make sure you take advantage of early bookings to benefit from any deals or discounts that may available for airport transfers in Brisbane.

What Is Core Energetics Business All About?

Core Energetics

Coming across topics surrounding core energetics business is becoming quite common. In fact, it is receiving special attention from various sectors of the economy in America, Australia, and other regions. Unfortunately, many people still haven’t heard about it and if they have, they don’t really know how it impacts their personal lives or business. And due to this, many people especially those in businesses may be missing out when it comes to rejuvenating their businesses or boosting the interaction with their customers.

What Is Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a special type of psychotherapy that encompasses both spirituality and psychology. This body-oriented psychotherapy system seeks to improve our body, mind, and soul by unblocking energies and falsehoods that were developed from childhood. CORE stands for Centre Of Right Energy and defines our soul, energy and love. This mode of healing helps us create balance or harmony in our psychical, spiritual and mental state. In so doing, we become more conscious about our inner self and are better equipped to deal with real life issues

Why Is It Important?

As we grow up, we form habits and tendencies that are aimed against safeguarding us from the world around us. For instance, we may develop fear, hatred, disgust, or low motivation simply because of the environment. This leads to us forming a mask where we always run for safety.

This same energy also comes into play as we mature and depict the path we take as adults. Unfortunately, this negative energy not only blocks our potential, but also leads us to doing things for the wrong reasons.

How Does It Impact Our Business?

Many people are in the opinion that Core Energetics is more of a personal and self realization objective. However, research shows that this body-oriented psychotherapy plays a vital role in businesses whether sole proprietorships, partnerships, family or multinational companies. In fact, many businesses fail to achieve their objectives simply because the owner is yet to deal with childhood fears or still hides behind a mask. Some will even setup a business due to false belief, or proving other people wrong. However, this shouldn’t be the case. The right path is doing it because your soul, heart and energy tells you it’s the right thing

Benefit of Core Energetics in Business

  • Employee Empowerment: It helps empower and motivate employees by dealing with feelings limited or disempowered
  • Boost Productivity: Many individuals rarely give their all best because they placed barriers or masks .This psychotherapy helps remove the false beliefs and assists us face issues head-on.
  • Boost Self Awareness: The negative energy leads to comfort zones where employees feel content with what they have. Core energetics helps to unblock the hidden energy and improving self awareness.

From the above, it is obvious that this form of body-oriented psychotherapy can help take any small, medium, family, or multinational companies to greater heights. It has to do with first facing our fears and unmasking our false self, then acknowledging and accepting our shortcomings and wounds, and finally working to get rid of the negative energy and finding beauty in life. Embracing core energetics business is key to making certain your American, Australian or other business succeeds.

Human Trafficking In Australia & How The Government Is Battling It

Australian fight against slavery

Alongside with New Zealand, Australia is currently in the top tier of countries who abide by the basic standards for eradicating human trafficking. Both John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State, and authorities have been earnestly persuading the country to ramp up their efforts to put an end to the trade. A recent report on the trafficking of humans by Kerry states that a trade that attaches price tags to humans being should never been allowed to prevail. He describes the trafficking of humans as “evil” and “slavery” of a modern kind.

Kerry claims that the purpose of the report is not to reprimand those responsible, but to expose them and put them to shape. The document also points out that illicit traffic is a $150 billion industry and the public needs to be informed, emancipated and encouraged by making them aware of the full nature and scope of this issue. The report also mentions that men and who are subjected to forced labour and girls and women who become a victim of sex trafficking are predominantly transported to Australia. Even local citizens, especially teenage girls, and minors from abroad become victims of child sex trafficking within the country.

Currently, the Australian Red Cross operates a program that provides services to victims of trafficking, such as income support, legal assistance and safe accommodation. However, based on the report, so far Australia has only made “modest” efforts when it comes to anti-trafficking law enforcement. Back in 2013, 41 alleged trafficking cases had been investigated by the Australian Federal Police and last year, that number has rose to 87.

The report also states that the agriculture, construction and hospitality industries in Australia also comprise of people from Asia and the Pacific who are being forced to work there by corrupt employers and labour agencies. Often, many locals do not even report cases of trafficking. Typical victims who are often subjected to forced labour include international students and migrant workers employed in the agricultural area.

Forced marriage is another area of the illicit trafficking trade that has surfaced as of lately. The report compares the practice of forced marriage to slavery. According to the report, foreign women are being subjected to domestic servitude after migrating to the country for arranged marriages. It is simply not monitor, understand and identify such exploitation when it takes place within families. These women often find are forced into extreme labour after being sponsored to the country through the partner visa scheme. However, at times it is also within the context of the family business.

Fortunately, major reforms have been made to the Human Trafficking Visa Framework. The new framework will provide victims of trafficking with much-needed support, while also seeking their assistance to capture the perpetrators. The new framework will also grant a specific subclass of visa to such victims, so they will receive even better targeted support from the government of Australia. Education opportunities for the victims will also be increased thanks to this new framework in order to provide them with better access to legal, reasonably paid and safe employment opportunities.

Thanks to the reforms, victims of trafficking will have access to a free Adult Migrant English Program and the Newly Arrived Residents Waiting Period on their permanent visas will be waived. Workshops on forced marriage are also being held by the Anti Slavery Australia and Australian Federal Police throughout the country, in every capital city. This way, front liner officers and those providing related services will be better equipped to provide better response to suspected forced marriage cases.

Battling human trafficking has become a nation priority in Australia. The Australian government is now fully committed to address and prevent this illicit trade from abhorrent practices such as these, not only within the country, but abroad as well.

The Economic and Business State of Australia

australian business week in india

The growth of any country’s economy depends entirely on the business environment, political goodwill, resources and workforce. Once the above factors are combined then the economic growth of any place can be analyzed easily and estimated. The availability of natural resources and workforce attracts business investments. The more business investments we have, the higher the GDP growth of a country. The Australian economy has had a slow growth in the past decade starting from 2003 especially in the southern states such as Victoria. However in the recent years the situation has changed largely. The economic blossom in the city of Victoria has been witnessed since 2011 with increased investment in the property market. This growth has been attributed to the increased migration of international population into the country. Australia is one of the countries in the world with a very low population growth rate, hitting a low growth of 1.35% last year.. This has largely affected the provision of labor and work force to enhance business growth in the region.

Government Output

The government of Australia has not failed to put in place measures to improve the economy of the southern states and that of Victoria. In fact the latest economic growth in Victoria, which contributes to a quarter of the total GDP of Australia, can be attributed to these efforts. In 2014 the government of Australia released funds to boost the economies of Victoria and other southern states by establishing a growth fund worth AUD155 million dollars.The fund was meant to:

  • Revive the car industry that had collapsed.
  • AUD30 million will be used in a training program
  • Another AUD30 million will be used for the infrastructure development program.
  • AUD60 million had been used as funding for the next-generation automotive production.

Financial Report

The 2014-2015 financial year report has shown that mining is so far the strongest industry in the country. Although the mining boom witnessed in the previous decade is fading away, tourism is now struggling to fill in the gap left behind by the steadily deteriorating mining industry. In the 2013-2014 financial report, Victoria’s GSP shrank to 0.2% .This means that the growth that has been witnessed in Victoria’s economy can just be attributed to increased population growth as opposed to improved economic performance. This report presented by ABS also suggests that the total investment in Victoria grew by 10% as compared to other parts of Australia that registered an average fall of 5% in investment. This was attributed to increased sales of second-hand properties of up to AUD3.8 billion.

Business for sale in Victoria

Businesses for sale Victoria – owing to the population influx and economic growth, business in Victoria is at its peak and businesses continue to grow everywhere in the state. Grabbing a piece of the cake while it lasts is the rule for survival today and so investors are up in arms in the property market. Some of the prestigious deals available in Victoria for sale include:

  • At a cost of only 289 thousand dollars only you can get this property for life. – A modern motel in Castlemaine, Victoria. The motel has seven fully-furnished motel rooms and two deluxe rooms upstairs. At a cost of only AUD289,000, you can get this property for life.
  • An Indian restaurant in Melbourne located on a main street. This business is for sale at a price of $59,000. The capacity of the restaurant is about 25 seats.
  • A store business is also available for sale in Williamstown. This is for sale at AUD39,000 which is pretty close to the price of other similar properties in Victoria.

Whatever economic analysts say about Victoria’s economic boom, the fact remains that Victoria is now a safe haven for businesses. Properties are up for grabs and money is plenty as well. An investment in Victoria today is a plus for the business-minded.